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Innovative Stores That Will Leave You In Awe of Their Ideas

Innovative Stores That Will Leave You In Awe of Their Ideas

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

Innovative Stores That Will Leave You In Awe of Their Ideas

Thinking creatively and finding new innovative products can be a difficult process. It’s not often that suddenly an amazing, potentially ground breaking product pops into a merchants head. But every once in a while an eCommerce store will pop up that makes me think “Wow that is a great idea!”

As a merchant, finding a store that you believe is truly innovative and different can be a great inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. Here are 5 stores we believe are inventive and different in the eCommerce world so you can gain inspiration from them.

Mod Notebooks

When you stumble across Mod Notebooks you may be a little confused by what they do but once you read up on the idea, you can see why it’s so different yet intriguing. The brand basically give you an opportunity to make what you write digital. You buy a notebook from them and fill it with whatever you like. From pictures, ideas and musing, the notebook is yours to do with whatever you please. Then when the notebook is full, you send it back to them and Mod Notebooks digitize your work so you can have it forever, it’s easy to access and held in a handy cloud for you to use whenever you please. 

This is a great idea for all those doodlers and planners out there as the familiarity, comfort and freedom of writing down ideas and thoughts can still be done but the handiness of technology is also there. It eliminates the eventual annoyance of riffling through pages and pages of notes by adding an extra element of convenience. It’s the perfect mix of traditional with tech. 

The Noun Project

The Noun Project are a brand that are a little different from the norm. Instead of having a physical product they provide a service that could be used by so many people, companies and organisations around the world. The brand aims to overcome language barriers around the world by creating symbols are universally known and usable. With thousands of symbols the brand aim to simplify communication and connect people through the use of united symbols instead of words. The brand also has a sleek, simple monochrome design that makes their symbols attractive and recognizable.

The Noun Project also foster a community as they allow designers to contribute their own symbols that further their goal of symbol communication.

Desert Farms



Desert Farms is an eCommerce store that sells something very unique. The story goes that its founder, Walid, tasted camel milk in Saudi Arabia and loved it so much that they simple set up an eCommerce store. They sell a number of different types of camel milk as well as soaps made from the milk that all look surprisingly good. This is definitely a company that is different from the standard.

Even more convincing are the health benefits and the ethics of the company. There are no hormones or extras in this milk as well as a long list of nutritional benefits. They also aim to be eco-friendly and sustainable making it an inspirational company as well as a quirky yet original one too. 

Beard Brand

With beards experiencing an immense level of popularity in recent years, it was only a matter of time before an eCommerce store popped up catering towards the bearded man’s needs. Beard Brand are an online store that have exactly this. They have created a multitude of products that offer everything beard aficionado could ever want. From mustache combs, beard oil and brushes, this brand have seen an uncared for niche in the market and expertly filled it.

Beard Brand have added another level to their store by fostering a community for beard loving men. With a magazine discussing all things beards, to social media that urges bearded guys to post pics, they have seen the need for specialty beard products and built a perfect store for this audience. 

Loft Resumes

Standing out from the crowd when applying for a job is a difficult task especially when it seems like everyone is trying to do everything they can to make companies look their way. Loft Resumes are a brand that are trying to assist people in getting a job by helping them be different.

They produce beautiful, impeccably designed resumes that are different from the norm.  With multiple designs that go from classic to modern looks, you simply order your resume and they send you out these idiosyncratic resumes.

In addition, they also give customers an extra helping hand while also allowing them to customize and alter them to their own specifications. It’s an original idea that makes amazing sense for job seekers looking to stand out. 
Seeing others creativity and inventiveness within the eCommerce community can be an amazing push for merchants. It can help establish ideas and give inspiration to burgeoning merchants looking for a USP for their eCommerce store.  These five stores recognized their niche and went for it, making them interesting case studies for eCommerce inventiveness. 


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