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Running an eCommerce Business

How to Avoid Getting Stuck In An eCommerce Rut

How to Avoid Getting Stuck In An eCommerce Rut

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

7 years ago

How to Avoid Getting Stuck In An eCommerce Rut

It happens to so many businesses. They experience growth and are an upward trajectory but then they stall. They aren’t necessarily failing but the business is just not growing. It’s become stagnant. Many eCommerce merchants are confused why this happens and are left scratching their heads as to why their business has become stuck.

Luckily, most brands just need some inspiration and revitalization to get their brand back on the path to growing into a strong brand. Today, we are giving tips on what merchants can do to avoid their brand being stuck in a rut.

 Ask Yourself “Is my brand outdated?”

Stores that have been operating for a few years often grow accustomed to a routine. They buy the same stock, sell the same merchandise and generally just repeat the same motions over and over. However, they should be asking themselves “Is my brand outdated?”

What they are selling might not be considered “cool” any more or their product might just be thought of as old-hat. Look at your competitors are doing and access what is now on the market. It may be the case that there is simply a better product or competitor out there that is absorbing your growth.

To avoid marketing myopia, reassess your business and develop new product ideas. Whether it be by selling a whole new product line, finding a new niche or just updating what you already sell, innovation is the key to avoiding getting stuck therefore doing it for your brand may be the way out. 

eCommerce Example: Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim are a brand with an interesting backstory. Their brand was born after the denim factory in their town closed down. Instead of dying out, they decided to adapt and build an up to date eCommerce store that sells unique customized denim that is made with quality in mind. This was the brand refusing to fail. They differentiated themselves from their competitors and modernized a brand that had years of experience. This is a great case of an industry asking themselves if they are still current and then adapting to modernize. 
Reassess your Marketing Plan

It’s not only products that can become boring and considered old-fashioned, marketing campaigns can too. Merchants often focus on a particular marketing campaign that has worked for them before and continue using it even if it is no longer working.

To avoid this, reevaluate your marketing plan. By looking at every marketing strategy you are doing and asking whether it is still relevant to your brand, you will be able to get an indication of what is working and what is not. This will enable merchants to remove strategies that have become stagnant and unhelpful.

Then look at new advertising techniques, consider how they could be used for your business and branch out into them. These new techniques could help you reach new customers and help you engage with an audience that potentially could have an interest in your brand. 

eCommerce Example: Scooter Hut

Scooter Hut are an eCommerce store that have avoided their marketing efforts becoming dull by doing things a little differently. Their website and marketing is all fun and interactive which draws customers to the brand. They blog, make videos, have developed a brand community and images about their products and tricks that can be done. It’s fun and creative making their store stand out from their competitors. 

Use Promotions/ Competitions to Reinvigorate Your Business

Sometimes social media and content marketing can become a little stagnant as it is difficult to continuously produce content that is engaging and gets customers sharing. As well when customers first come to your site it can be difficult to get them to follow through with a sale. To get customers sharing and talking again about your brand, promotions, giveaways and competitions are an effective way to encourage customer interaction.

By using marketing tactics such as promo codes, giveaways and competitions, customers will be driven to share, and buy from your store as they see the brand is proactive and making their shopping experiences more fun and engaging as well as encouraging customers to buy now. 

eCommerce Example: The White Pepper

The White Pepper are a brand that frequently use promotions and giveaways to engage with fans and drive sales. They have numerous opportunities on their social media and website for customers to avail of these fun and effective techniques. From 10% discount on your first order to flash sales on certain items all talked about on the stores social media, this encourages customers to share and buy immediately proving it is an effective tool. 

Keeping your store up to date and competitive is a constant process. But if brands take a cue from these examples and make their stores appealing, attractive to customers, then stores can escape becoming stagnant and continue to grow.
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