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Running an eCommerce Business

Get Inspired To Write a Captivating About Page With These Kick Ass eCommerce Examples

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Get Inspired To Write a Captivating About Page With These Kick Ass eCommerce Examples

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

9 years ago

Get Inspired To Write a Captivating About Page With These Kick Ass eCommerce Examples

We love a good About Page.

It paints a story, builds a connection with a brand and a good one can turn a window shopper into a loyal customer. Unfortunately a good about us page is scarce.

I’ve scoured hundreds of eCommerce stores over my time and only a few about pages have truly impressed me. They all seem a little cold, ill-conceived and just a little meh…

The truth is not putting an effort in your about page could be having a negative effect on your store and losing you valuable sales.

To get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to build a kick-ass about page here are some of the best examples from around the web. 

Warby Parker

eCommerce glasses giant Warby Parker are a brand that are up to a lot of things. Not only are they conquering the eyewear world by making stylish yet affordable glasses, they are also trying to change the world for the better and their about page tells customers the whole story.

What We Like About It

What makes Warby Parker’s about page so great is that it is divided into sections with each one telling a different part about the brand. It starts with the brands history and they say it discusses “Who, what, when, where and why”. It tells the story of the brand coming to fruition and how they came up with the ingenious idea for Warby Parker.

Moving on to their “Give a Pair, Buy a Pair” section. Here they talk about their initiative to supply glasses to people in need. It is a beautifully laid out part as they have diagrams and an easy to follow story about how the brand are helping people. They also have a video that lays out their work so that customers are kept up to date with the good deeds being done.
The final two sections finish off the story of the brand. They talk about the design and culture of Warby Parker. They talk about their inspiration, the materials and construction of the glasses as well as how they want to treat customers and what they want to be as business.

The about page tells the whole story of the brand and creates a complete picture of who they are and what they want to achieve. Customers connect with this and it sells the brand with aplomb. 

Rustic Trades

Rustic Trades is a budding eCommerce furniture store. The brand make custom, handmade and artisan tables. The store has a small business feeling as they say “It’s more of a conversation than a business transaction” and their about page reflects this. 

What We Like About It

What works so well about Rustic Trades about page is that it starts with a quote:

 “I promised Maggie that I would build her a table.” – Clay Adams, founder

It immediately draws the customer in and gets their attention. You read on and the story begins to unfold and lets the reader in on how the store came to be. It’s sweet, engaging and lets you know that these guys are true craftsmen that have true skill and a want to make the best tables on the market.

There is also a beautifully shot accompanying video that lets us hear from the store owner himself, Clay Adams. It recaps how they got the idea for the store and displays their products and expertise. You get a sense that these guys know what they are doing and the customer is in safe hands. 


Owen & Fred

Men’s Accessories brand Owen & Fred have become increasingly popular since their inception in 2012. They have carved out a niche for themselves as being a high-quality store that is a go to for men who want a stylish brand. Owen & Fred use their About Page to tell the story of how they began and what they are trying to establish for their company.

What We Like About It

Owen & Fred’s about page starts with something very clever – a mission statement. The words “Men’s Goods. Made Great” are scrawled across the top of the page and it immediately sets the tone for what this brand is about.  

They continue on with introducing the brand and a section called “The search for better brands and products.” In this part we are taught that this brand was born out of desperation. Desperation to find good quality, American made products for men. It’s an engaging section that also lets you know that these guys care about what they are doing and are good at it. We see this as they drop in their social proof of “GQ Magazine had named Owen & Fred one its “Best” of 2012”. 

They continue on with the design section “Brooklyn Design: Cheeky and made to make you smile.” They talk about how they strive to make good products and always release something new. It paints a picture of a brand that emphasizes quality, design and understanding of what the customer wants. 

Norwegian Rain

If your store prides itself on bespoke, high quality design then it would make sense to build an about page that reflects that. Norwegian Rain are a men’s and women’s apparel store that have done just that. Their about page has had considerable thought placed into it to make it look as sleek and sophisticated as their clothes. The about page is a vehicle to show off the style and beliefs of the brand and what lifestyle they reflect.

What We Like About It

Norwegian Rain have curated an about page that is a little different from others. They first give a little explanation of the brand writing intriguing statements such as

 “Slowly and steadily, in the rainiest city of Europe - Bergen, Norway - a rain project has evolved into an award-winning designer label based on the concept of dugnad”
We learn about the brand and the two founders who are described as 

“Bespoke tailor / designer T-Michael, known for his conceptual approach to his handcraft, and creative director Alexander Helle - a business graduate and functionalist, that founded the rain project based on flourishing collabs between local expertise from the creative scene of Bergen.”

This continues with their section called “The People” where they talk about the people behind the brand. From the photographers to graphic designers to tailors there are descriptions of their work with accompanying images that look striking and beautiful. It set the tone for the brand as a style conscious store that knows how to make a good coat. 

Your About Page

Take inspiration from these four eCommerce successes on how to write a truly captivating and engaging about page. They just wrote about why they decided to do what they do and talk about their passion for their store and so should you. 

Write out your history, who you are as a brand and who contributes to your store and customers will want to read it. Make it compelling, engaging and interesting and you may see the positive effects of having a well designed and written about page for your store. 


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