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Running an eCommerce Business

5 Shopify Stores That Have Perfected their Product Images

5 Shopify Stores That Have Perfected their Product Images

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

7 years ago

5 Shopify Stores That Have Perfected their Product Images

In the eCommerce world, images are everything. They give customers an indication of what they are buying, they can be the most attention grabbing feature and generally just sell your product. However, so many stores get images wrong. They throw up whatever dull image they have and give no thought or imagination to their images.

But, the truth is a good image could make or break a sale. Merchants should be putting as much effort as possible to make them look as attractive as possible so customers look and say “oohhh, I want that!” Here at eCommerceLift, we have seen our fair share of photo duds but also some eCommerce image triumphs, so today we are presenting 5 Shopify stores that have their product images down to a tee. 

Eat Boutique              

Eat Boutique is an online store and magazine that just looks well... delicious! Started in 2007, this store sells gift boxes containing culinary bits that any food lover would be delighted to receive. They offer numerous different boxes from Mother’s Day gift boxes to Pretzel Making at Home as well as customisable products that all look amazingly appetizing. 

What makes Eat boutique stand out from the rest is there focus on images. They don’t simply take a shot of their basket and throw it up. Instead their images are beautifully planned out making their food look beautiful. Each image is deliberately planned and nothing is left to chance so that their products look as enticing as possible. The brand splays their products across their pictures in playful yet attractive way adding an element of creativity to their photos. These images are beautiful and make customers want to buy what the brand is selling. 


Walrus is an online store that sells a number of different items. From clothing and apparel to home accessories, this boutique online store has varied and original selection merchandise that is shown off beautifully with their photography.

With the brand selling a few different types of products they are innovative with their images. They have the ubiquitous yet tasteful white background pictures that look lovely and show off products in a simple yet effective way. 

They also developed fun ways to show off product that come in multiple colours, as well as adding little twist to simple white pictures, Walrus think about how to make their images slightly different from the norm to making them more attractive to customers.  

Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim are a brand that have set out to be different so it’s no surprise that their photography has an idiosyncratic look also. This brand has an epic story as they emerged from a small town with decade’s worth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to denim. Each piece of clothing is made to order, is crafted with care and attention and made with the intention of lasting a lifetime.

The brands images reflect this as they have rejected the generic, simple picture. Instead, they show their jeans in action, in beautifully shot photographs. Their images make the jeans look earthy, classic and well-made as well as showing the business in an artistic yet unpretentious way. These images are a perfect representation of the Hiut Denim brand. 

Poler Stuff

Poler Stuff is a quirky yet practically store that sells a plethora of merchandise catering towards outdoor activities. They have an awesome outlook as a business as they are catering not just towards the hard-core outdoors person but rather anyone on an adventure, no matter how big or small. The brand states:

“It’s for people that wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way.”

The brands images match their quirky personality as they include pictures that are fun and humorous. The images also include their outdoor gear in use so it draws customers attention with its playful, different style while also showing the products practically use. It’s an individual and different way of capturing images of products and make Poler Stuff stand out from the crowd. 

Figs & Ginger

Dainty, intricate products need a light hand when it comes to being photographed. It can be easy to overwhelm small, delicate products leaving them not centre of attention in a company’s product images. One brand that have avoided this mistake and have captured images that are beautiful and eye catching are the brand Figs & Ginger. This brand sells sweet and delicate jewellery that is understated and the brand photograph their products perfectly. 
This eCommerce store use varying backgrounds and settings to capture their product images. Each setting is subtle, earthy and elegant while allowing the product to shine. The images give a perfect representation of what the tone of the brand and with the use of wood, fabrics and different backgrounds the products looks clear and attractive for customers. 

Product images are one of the most essential parts of an eCommerce stores product page. If they aren't clear and appealing, it could be damaging your stores sales. However, if you take a cue from the above Shopify stores and with a bit of imagination and creativity, brands can produce beautiful product images that will catch customer’s attention and help grow your store.


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