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Running an eCommerce Business

4 Ways to get Customers Raving about your Online Store

4 Ways to get Customers Raving about your Online Store

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

4 Ways to get Customers Raving about your Online Store

Have you ever wondered what is the most effective way to market your store?

There may be plenty of opinions depending on the sector your business is in or your own experience running marketing campaigns, but I dare to say the most powerful & impactful marketing in the world is definitely word of mouth marketing.

Friends telling friends about a lovely wedding cake shop, about their favourite restaurant in town or a specific company they really like is incredibly powerful. But tough to encourage, since you really have to have attractive products or services so that people want to recommend you.

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. 
- Walt Disney

Engaging on social media can be an excellent opportunity for your online store to develop word of mouth marketing efforts. Either posting on your Facebook Page or utilising Facebook's Advertising options, Tweeting or creating a Google+ or LinkedIn page; there are many options out there. 

These platforms all come down to strategic thinking and serious commitment. Always be thinking about the content you upload and how it impacts the engagement of your audience.

So, all in all, how can you do it?

By inviting hundreds of people to be friends with you and hope they will wonderfully like your products? Don’t think so.

By tweeting nonsense every day and giving your stuff away? Don’t think so either. 

So again, the question remains, and here come a few suggestions to stimulate word of mouth marketing:

1. Make your audience feel like company insiders

Amazon asking their audience's opinions and involving them in their brand

Rarely do actual brand owners really own their brand. Consumers do. And fans convince others to join. Try to involve your audience in your brand, ask their opinion and actually listen to them. Then you will be able to figure out some insights so as to use them in your forthcoming messaging.

2. Engage Influencers

Spot an opportunity to engage? Go for it! Timing is everything.

This is a great example of an e-Commerce store trying to engage an influencer. In the skateboard world there is probably no one as influential as Tony Hawk. Here we see an electric skateboard business replying to his message with a very timely and relevant tweet. Great stuff!

According to a recent Nielsen online survey 84% of online users trust recommendations from people they know. Make sure your messaging and content connects to leaders and influencers in your space. These could be bloggers, PR managers, popular figures or loyal brand fans. Better open up a dialogue around their content and involve your brand in relevant ways for your business. 

3. Differentiate, surprise and amaze

I don't know what he is saying, but it certainly is having an impact!
Be different in your communication. Think out-of-the-box on how to relate your product or service to different functions and purposes. Emphasise your product features by adding drama, exaggeration and excitement. Don’t focus on what the product does but what it could do amazingly. Don’t show conventional pictures of your brand but combine your products with pictures or metaphors with the latest happenings in the media, the weather, music, sports or the things that truly move & motivate your audience.

Eg: If you are a small coffee shop in town, rather than posting a picture of a cup of coffee with the headline “Come and enjoy our wonderful coffee”. Try to make it more emotional, go out to the terrace and take a picture of your feet on the table next to a cup of coffee reading a book and simply put “Imagining myself in Piazza Navona, Rome”.

4. Make people feel happy and special

People love to talk about what makes them feel special
As Andy Sernovitz states it in his book WOM Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, you have to make sure the work you do gets people energized, excited and eager to tell a friend.

People talk because it makes them feel special, smart, connected, in the know, and important. (Think about the restaurant guy, the savvy traveller, the computer guru.) People also feel good when they can help others find what they need or solve problems. (Think about the guy who always knows which contractor to call or which car to buy.)

Provide reasons to talk that make your talkers feel smart and special.

So, to conclude, put passion into your communication, delight, connect and excite your audience and, ideally, surprise and make them feel happy. Got any other tips to help seed word of mouth marketing? Let other readers know in the comments below :)


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