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20 Emerging eCommerce Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

20 Emerging eCommerce Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

20 Emerging eCommerce Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

We love to look out for those up-and-coming or under the radar blogs that are producing great content. In fact, there are some truly great ones out there sharing awesome knowledge and insights about the eCommerce world. 

To help you find these emerging gems, we have curated a list of 20 blogs we feel are making great content that you should definitely be following. 

Lemon Stand

LemonStand offers great and practical insights into the world of eCommerce. They talk analytics, SEO, conversion rate optimisation and lots more. 

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            15 Quick Ways To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate


ShipStation know shipping and their blog is a dream for any merchant wanting to expand their knowledge in that area. It also offers lots of other content pertaining to the world of eCommerce. It’s all valuable stuff.  

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            Conquering Your Content Marketing Calendar

eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce Platforms is an excellent resource for aspiring entrepreneurs just starting out or established guys who just want to be in the know. Want to know which platforms suits you best, then go here. 

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            19 Explosive Content Marketing Tips for eCommerce Stores


ReferralCandy like to talk marketing. They have numerous articles talking about customer acquisition, retention, content marketing and so much more. 

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            The Biggest Opportunities In Ecommerce Right Now, As Revealed By Retail Experts [Infographic]


Divante are a great resource for just keeping up with the world of eCommerce. They do weekly updates of significant events while also dishing out great advice.

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             What Can Go Wrong in eCommerce 

We thought we'd throw ourselves in to the mix. At eCommerceLift there are posts about all aspects of eCommerce. From case studies to valuable resources that help grow your brand, its all covered. 

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            How Speaker Brand Fugoo’s Marketing Proved Their Product Was Kick-Ass

Ometria - How to Win At eCommerce

Ometria - How to Win At eCommerce is a blog that has some really awesome posts. They give great examples of eCommerce done right so you get inspiration for your store.

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             eCommerce Trends 2015: 19 Predictions from Top Ecommerce Experts


Comm100 are here to help you get your head around customer interactions. They know customer service but also aim to help with general eCommerce problems. 
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            10 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2014 [Infographic]


YDeveloper talk about a variety of stuff on their blog. Info about web design, marketing and general need to know stuff that could help a merchant. 

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            How eCommerce Web Developer can help you?

Conversion Voodoo

Conversion Voodoo are a great resource for eCommerce merchants looking to increase their sales and get more from their customers. It's valuable content that is sure to help your business. 

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            How Does Your Bounce Rate Match Up to Others in Your Industry?

Blue Acorn

This blog is a great resource from Blue Acorn. They share a plethora of information on differing topics aiming to provide insight and stimulate thought for merchants. 

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            Fostering Loyalty with Rewards – Two Strategies

JXT Group 

JXT Group has been going for a few years and in time time have produced some great stuff on their blog. They talk about a wide range of topics giving interesting perspectives and great information. 

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            Get Personal To Stand Out from the Competition

Building Keystones

Building Keystones say they are "devoted to informing its readership of industry news, best practices, and easy-to-digest content on everything e-commerce." And it's true! They have really interesting posts that will add actual value to your store. 

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            Affiliate Marketing 101: Turning Visitors Into Paying Customers

Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap is a blog that gives awesome and practical advice on marketing your eCommerce store. They cover all aspects including SEO, content marketing and all other aspects of digital marketing. 

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            YouTube marketing – Get your marketing in high-definition

Bazaar Voice

Bazaar Voice are a resource that will help you get your branding in order. They give inspiring advice that will really help you get your store in gear. 

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            Why authentic brands will triumph

Content Verve

Content Verve says they are "all about content, copy & conversion" and it's true. They have lots of content about these three subjects and it's all insightful and makes for an interesting read. 

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Conversioner is a conversion rate optimization blog that offers tips to make you an expert at conversion optimization. It's clever advice that you can actually implement.

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            3 Conversion Optimization Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Sell Mojo

Sell Mojo out getting more out of your social media. It's practical, easily digestible advice every merchant should be reading. 

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            Ways to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content


Optaros have a blog that offers merchants a place to keep up to date with goings on in eCommerce. They have interesting insights and keep you up-to-date on variety of eCommerce issues. 

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            4 eCommerce SEO Best Practices You Can’t Forget

Blogs you Like

This is just a selection of blogs that we think are creating amazing content. We are sure we've left some blogs out so please let us know what blogs you enjoy reading in the comments. 


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