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Facebook Advertising

How eCommerce Stores Can Use Facebook Web Custom Audiences To Drive Sales

How eCommerce Stores Can Use Facebook Web Custom Audiences To Drive Sales

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

How eCommerce Stores Can Use Facebook Web Custom Audiences To Drive Sales

Facebook advertising has become one of the most powerful tools online in terms of reaching customers and impacting sales. No other platform rivals it in regards to audience size, customer data and engage with your audience. One of the most popular and effective advertisements that Facebook offers is custom audiences.

Custom audiences offers merchants multiple opportunities to make ads for customers and get them clicking through to your website and buying. Throughout this post, we here at PropelAd will explain what exactly are custom audiences and show you how to use them best for your eCommerce store.

What are Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences are one of the most effective Facebook advertising options and has become one of the most popular tools for merchants to use. It essentially is creating ads that are targeted at customers who you already have an established relationship. These relationships can be fostered through a number of interactions from previous customers to Facebook fans.

Why Use Custom Audiences

There are a few reasons why eCommerce merchants should jump on board and use custom audiences to advertising as it has some great benefits.

One of the main benefits of custom audiences is that you have a previous relationship with this audience. Through these previous relationships you have learned about this audience and now can tailor ads specifically towards their behaviours making it a significant advantage to a marketer.

These ads can then be personalized and altered for each audience making it most attractive them. This will increase the likelihood of customers clicking on your ad, engaging with your brand, and hopefully increase sales for your eCommerce store. 

How to Use Customs Audiences to Drive Sales

There are a number of different ways to use custom audience as there are differing ways that people interact with your eCommerce store. Here are some of the most effective and common ways merchants utilize custom audiences for their stores.

Facebook Fans

When beginning with custom audiences, targeting people who are Facebook fans can be an effective way to engage with an audience. These are a group of people that can be successful to advertise to as they have been proven to have an interest in your brand so much so that they want to see your content and social media actively. Displaying advertisements to these can be a way to update them from a casual fan to an actual repeat customer or encourage them to buy more and deepen your relationship with them as well as increase your sales. 


Lookalikes are an aspect of custom audiences where you can create an ad that is shown to people who are similar to your existing customers. These customers have similar likes and interests to as your existing customers and are therefore hopefully too going to like your brand. This works well at introducing your brand to new customers who potentially are unaware of your store. It can assist you in growing you audience and nurturing relationships with potential customers.  

Email Sign-Ups

Your email list can be uploaded to Facebook and used to be targeted for ads. This is simply done by uploading you’re your email sign-ups and matching them to Facebook users. This is a perfect way to reach people who have enjoyed your content or wanted to be in touch with your brand and Facebook ads can serve as a reminder of your eCommerce store and bring them back to convert.  

Retargeting people who visited but didn’t convert

Retargeting is becoming one of the most popular aspect of Facebook custom audiences. Retargeting is simply showing customers ads that have visited your store but for whatever reason failed to buy. The ads then serve as an enticer to come back and finally buy.

Retargeting is highly effective when mixed with lead generation ads and other forms of custom audiences. It has been proven that it is a rarity that customers buy the first time when they visit your site so retargeting brings them back after they have thought about the buy and serves as a prompt to come back and finally buy.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting

A further extension of retargeting can be the more precise targeting of abandoned carts. Abandoned carts is a large problem within the eCommerce world with up to 70% of carts being abandoned by a customer. A custom audience that solely focuses on this group can be highly targeted and deliver one of the highest rates of conversion online as these an audience that are known to want your products and are very likely to buy. 

Retarget Past Customers

Custom audiences can also be used to retarget past customers. Using information about their past buys ad builders can develop ads that are specific to what these customers bought before. It is particularly useful to cross-sell or up-sell customers as you already have information in regards to what they like and have bought, therefore ads can be shown that are improvements on previous products or add-ons. This is particularly effective as you are retaining customers and enabling them to buy more from your store.

Custom audiences can be one of the most lucrative ways to get customers clicking on your Facebook ads and buying from your store. They work as they are building on relationships already established with your customers and let you use what you already know to build ads. They are highly target, effective and a great advertising method for any burgeoning eCommerce store.


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