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eCommerce Marketing

How to Market your Store to #Millennials

How to Market your Store to #Millennials

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

How to Market your Store to #Millennials

Reaching a young audience who are hard to reach, up to date on the latest trends and often more internet savvy than the average merchant can be a challenging task. It can be difficult to know what online platforms and marketing strategies will actually reach this audience and what is just a waste of time.

Reaching the millennials doesn't have to be an arduous process. It just requires merchants to do a little investigating into what is trendy now online and adapting your marketing so that your efforts are successful at reaching this highly sought after target market.

In order to keep you up to speed, we present the top 5 things marketers and merchants should be doing online to keep up with the #millennials. 

So Who are the Millennials?

Millennials are an age group that consist of people born between the 80's and early 00's. These are people who grew up online and have a great understanding of media, social media and are engaged with brands. They have developed into a audience that isn't passively waiting for marketing to tell them what to do instead they are interactive and are constantly adapting to new online trends. 

Discover YouTube 

YouTube is booming right now. The video hosting site has become a massive attraction for teenagers and twenty something’s alike brands and performers are producing content that is both entertaining and lucrative.

One of the most interesting things for marketers about YouTube is the rise of the “YouTube Star”. These are people who create their own video content and garner millions of subscribers by posting content. From gamers to comedians to make-up gurus, millions of young people are subscribed to channels producing interesting content. People such as Zoella, PewDiePie and Miss Glamorazzi all have millions of followers who look to them for advice and reviews.

One way brands are capitalising on this phenomena is to sponsor videos. They do this by sponsoring videos and getting YouTubers talking about their products in their videos.
This video made by the make-up artist Tanya Burr is sponsored by the optician and eyewear company Spec Savers. Throughout the video she explains how to do make-up when you are a glasses wearer. The video is a perfect, subtle advertisement for their glasses and was amazingly successful at reaching a young audience as it was viewed over 600,000 times. 

Snapchat, Vine & Pheed 

It’s safe to assume that as an eCommerce merchants you are probably on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the bigger social media sites. And don’t worry millennials are still using them too. However, new social Media platforms are become ubiquitous within this target market.

Snapchat has fast become one of the most popular ways to communicate and connect with friends and brands are catching on to. Taco Bell lead the way by posting funny images, promoting its products and getting customers engaged with the brand. Other stores soon followed suit and it has become a great way to share a brand story and post creative fun pictures to engage with customers.

Vine has also risen fast over the last couple of years. This app enables users to make mini videos that are only a few seconds long and like YouTube there are a number of rising Vine stars as well as brands that are becoming exceptionally popular on the platform and they have begun to pair up to make creative videos that promote products while still making interesting content.

Pheed, although lesser known than Snapchat and Vine, is an emerging social network. It is an amalgamation of text, video, images and other aspects of social media. Brands can use this to create a story and use many different content to connect with customers.

Reach out to bloggers

Blogging has become an increasingly popular way to market products. Bloggers have amazing clout and influence especially with a young audience. Fashion, sports, beauty and lifestyle bloggers are all worshiped by their followers and seen as leaders in regards to what’s trendy and what to buy.

Brands can use bloggers in a number of different ways. From giving bloggers PR samples, sneak peeks at new collections and inviting them to brand events, these all can help your brand become on the radar of a young audience who will want to buy your brand. 

Drop Dead Clothing are a brand that have a made valuable use of bloggers and their influence over their readers. They invite bloggers to their launches and enable them to write about the brand. Bloggers also post images and dedicate entire posts of themselves wearing the brand clothes. It’s a great way to target the brands young audience as they are influenced by bloggers and long to emulate them. 

Reaching different target audiences is all about thinking about what the customers want and what will make them engage with your brand and this young audience is no different. By offering them interesting content and a product that they want you can effectively grow your interaction with this demographic and increase your stores success. 


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