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eCommerce Marketing

How to Make Valuable Marketing Videos for your eCommerce Store

How to Make Valuable Marketing Videos for your eCommerce Store

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

10 years ago

How to Make Valuable Marketing Videos for your eCommerce Store

Video marketing online is an excellent way to sell your store and its products. After viewing videos, it has proven to make almost half of online customers more confident in their purchase decision and it increases customers cart size according to a recent study.  

Yet, video can be expensive, time consuming and if not properly done, can look rather shabby.  Therefore eCommerce merchants must carefully consider what they want from a marketing video, how much they are willing to spend and what they are willing to sacrifice to make online videos a central part of their advertising.  

Below we are discussing two types of video: The Store Video and Product Videos. While both bring value for eCommerce, they need to be considered differently. Therefore, we present the information and knowledge you need to help establish what you want from your eCommerce stores marketing videos, how to budget and produce them to bring the most benefit for your eCommerce store. 

The Store Video

The first type of video we suggest for your eCommerce store is one that is about the store itself. It has the store as a central focus. It is important to note this isn't about selling individual products rather it should tell a story and sell the theme and vision of your overall brand itself.

What should the video do?

This video should have multiple functions, first being an introduction for customers to your brand. It should contain information and imagery that gets across what your eCommerce store is all about so that customers can learn what you are all about. Second, it should act as an emotional cue for viewers showing what your ethos and beliefs are as a company. And third, it should show the realistic benefits and value that customers could get from patronizing your store.

How to Make It                    

It’s important to think about all aspects when making this video. It is essentially an opportunity to capture customer’s attention and draw them into your website and start buying. Aspects such as script, budget, and facilities all are important considerations. 

These videos do not have to be extravagant. Leave the complicated script and plot out and kept it short as anything over two minutes will just loose viewers attention. Instead focus on what you would like to portray as a brand in a simple, clear way. 

Budget for this type of video should be the largest compared to other types of video marketing. It needs to be high quality, crisp and sell your store with its imagery and story. Getting the highest quality, although coming at a price, means that the video will be a point of pride and an excellent marketing tool. 

For this video getting a professional is probably be the best option. As it is essentially an advertisement for your whole store that can be displayed front and center on your store front, in meetings and on social media. Adding a professional, who knows how to get the premier images and the most out of your story could make it more costly upfront but add immeasurable value for your store. 

eCommerce Examples 

Check out these two examples of different yet effective videos that successfully capture the feeling and message of the brand in beautifully produced videos.

First is a simple yet effective video from Pure Fix Cycles, an eCommerce store that sells fixed gear bikes. Their stores video is simple yet clear and effective while looking lovely, fresh and appealing. It really gets across the brand image perfectly. 


Another brand who have managed to build an exceptional video for their website is the pet product company, Modko. They produced a video that captures the playfulness and innovativeness of the brand. It’s a high quality video that shows customers exactly who they are.

Product Videos 

Product specific videos are another valuable video that many eCommerce merchants strive to create. These should be a clear view of a product for a customer to engage with them and allow them to view the product from a different perspective.

What should the video do?

The reason to make product videos is very simple. You just want to show customers a clear, effective and snappy video that gives an overall impression of the dimensions, the look and feel of the product they are contemplating on buying. These do not have to have the emotional pull or an ambitious story rather it should be direct and concise so customers can gain valuable information about your products.  

How to Make it

For product videos there are a few things to consider. One of the most paramount questions to consider is how much merchandise do you have? Most eCommerce stores have tens if not hundreds of products meaning that making individual videos for each product could be time consuming and ineffective. Therefore when making product videos, look at what your best sellers are and focus making videos for those products first. Place your emphasis on making these the best quality as these are the videos customers are most likely to view.

For products that aren't the big sellers may not need to have a video that is the highest quality or as polished. Having a simple in focus shot could be all you need. Just remember it is essential that you prioritize and evaluate the value that you and your customers will get from a product video and react accordingly.

Luckily, product videos are much simpler and cost effective to film compared to store videos if done right. Merchants can easily film these videos themselves with videos costing as little as $100 each making them a budget friendly marketing ploy. 

eCommerce Examples

One brand that has perfectly made product videos is Hard Graft, a store that manufactures artisan leather goods such as phone cases, bags and wallets. Their product videos are masterfully done. The below example is only 16 seconds but expertly shows the product in a pleasing yet simple way.


In contrast to the Hard Graft video, tea brand Kenko Tea, have used their product video as a 'how to' to market their main product. This is a longer video but its still simple, cost effective and skillfully displays their main product in an enticing way. 
When considering video marketing for eCommerce, its important access what you want from the project. So many times businesses get carried away in making online videos that have no real value for their store. However if you follow our advice, keep it simple yet connectable you can engage your customers successfully and make effective videos for your eCommerce store.


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