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eCommerce Marketing

Get Pinning: How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins for your Online Store

Get Pinning: How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins for your Online Store

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

9 years ago

Get Pinning: How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins for your Online Store

Pinterest is a social media website that every eCommerce merchant should be embracing. It boasts some of the most impressive stats of any social media platform as it has 70 million users, who are a highly engaged audience and are more likely to buy. One of the most exciting aspects of Pinterest are Rich Pins. These little marketing boosts are perfect for merchant to engage with Pinterest users and get them buying from your store.  

So if you are new to Rich Pins and need help setting it up, look no further as we are presenting a step by step guide to Pinterest’s Rich Pins and how they can benefit your store.

What are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins were introduced in 2013 and have continued to grow in popularity. Recently Shopify partnered with Pinterest to automatically enable Rich Pins for merchants signifying their importance and popularity with eCommerce store owners. So with this increasing popularity, what actually is a Rich Pin?

According to Pinterest Rich Pins “Make your product, recipe, movie, article or place Pins more useful.” Although this is correct, it is selling them short as they are so much more. They essential allow store owners to add more information into their pins. Instead of just being an image and a name, merchants, bloggers and brands can add in-depth descriptions, prices, availability, information about your store, location, buy buttons, and much more. 

They also work in real-time as they update automatically with your stores information. This means if you are having a sale or your stock is depleting, that data is up to date in your pins.

Types of Rich Pins

There are five different types of Rich Pins: Movie, Place, Recipe, Article and Product with each offering their own features.

Product Pins: Using product pins can enable merchants to share a lot of information with pinners about products. Availability, price and additional info about the items. It also includes a feature that alerts people who have pinned a product about when it has been reduced in price encouraging them to click through and make a purchase.  

Article Pins: These pins are great for stores with blogs and content creators as the author, title, description can be used to encourage pinners to click through and read.

Place Pins: With this Rich Pin, maps can be added as well as address and contact information so that pinners will be able to find you. It is also perfect for restaurants and hotels as it can included prices and deals you are offering.

Movie Pins: These include reviews and ratings, cast and crew info and other snippets of facts about the film. It is an easy way to give pinners a quick lowdown of a movie. Netflix use these by uploading a film image and adding Netflix user ratings to make pins more engaging for fans.

Recipe Pins: For food orientated eCommerce stores and food bloggers, recipe pins is a must. Entire recipes can be listed below pictures with pinners being able to search for recipes and learn everything they need directly from the pin. 

Benefits of Rich Pins

Rich Pins have yielded significant benefits for eCommerce stores such as they:

Increases traffic: Rich Pins make customers click through to your website more. When Target, the US retailer adopted using Rich Pins they experienced a 70% (Digiday) up in traffic coming to their website from Pinterest, showing it definitely works at getting customer engaged with a brand

Keeps customers informed: Not only do Rich Pins have more information about your products and brand so that customers can learn more, they can also keep customers up to date. One of the most effective ways that Rich Pins do this is by sending emails. Cleverly, when a brand reduces the price of a product by 10%, an email is sent to the customer alerting them. This acts as a great reminder of your product and entices them to buy.  

Get pinned more: Rich Pins have been proven to get Pinners pinning more. Stats have shown that they are pinned 82% more, a noteworthy amount for brands trying to get noticed. 

Brands Doing Rich Pins Right

Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Clothing, a women’s clothing brand have incorporated Rich pins in a subtle but effective way but simply placing the price of their products alongside the images. It’s understated yet effective at giving customers information about what they are pinning, and enticing them to click-through and buy.  

Living Better Together

Living Better Together is a lifestyle blog that has used Rich Pins to spread content. The pins include recipes below the images that make it easy to see what this blog does, it encourages pinners to check out the website and spreads the content further.  
How to get Rich Pins?

Rich Pins couldn’t be simpler to incorporate into your stores pins. Being a Shopify customer all that is needed is a Pinterest business account and you are set to go.

For other eCommerce stores, a business Pinterest account is also needed. When this is done, all you need to do is get validated. 

This involves going to, entering your URL and applying it to your pin. 


So what are you waiting for? Rich Pins have been proven to work for online stores but bizarrely less than 50% are using them. Don't be a brand that is losing out on this valuable marketing technique. Go and start pinning. GO!


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