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eCommerce Marketing

4 Reasons e-Commerce Stores using Google+ Succeed More & Fail Less

4 Reasons e-Commerce Stores using Google+ Succeed More & Fail Less

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

10 years ago

4 Reasons e-Commerce Stores using Google+ Succeed More & Fail Less

Google+ may have taken a while to catch on. Until recently it was perceived as a ghost social networking site that few businesses or consumers took seriously. Within the past year though, it has had a boost in vitality and is finally making its mark on the social networking world. But as Facebook is still the market dominator in social media, does a company really need to make a move onto Google+? The answer is a resounding yes, and here is why.

1. It’s growing size

After spending 2 years in the shadows of more dominant social networks, Google+ is finally starting to emerge as a viable and relevant social networking site.  Surprisingly, it has become the world’s second largest social network, with an estimated 359 million users in 2013, putting it ahead of perceived giants such as Twitter and Instagram. 

In fact, by the year 2016 some predict Google+ will surpass Facebook as the social network with the most social shares. This is significant as Google +1 could become more powerful than a Facebook Like.

H&M are perhaps the current masters of Google+, as they use the site in an innovative way to encourage +1’s and interaction with consumers. Offering promotions and specialised content for their followers, H&M now receive on average up to 72 +1’s per post, a sure sign of engaged followers, proving Google+ should not be overlooked in for business/customer interaction.

2. Improves Search Rankings

Google may remain aloof about their self-promotion but it’s clear that having a Google+ account can help with search rankings for a business.  Search rankings are integral to keeping a business relevant and can directly influence traffic to a company’s website.

The position of business website on a Google search page can directly effect if your website is being clicked on. Statistics show that 42% of first ranking pages receive a click through; only 11% of second ranking pages receive a click through, the third position receives 8.5% and the rest of the page receiving below 5%.  This notes the importance of a high ranking in a Google search. If you want clicks for your business you have to be high up.

It can be seen that the more a business uses Google+ and the more traffic, posts and +1’s your business receives, the closer to the top of a Google search your business gets. This proximity to the top of a search cannot be underestimated in its value to a business trying to establish an impact online.

3. Right-Hand Space

With Google+ the much sought after right-hand side of the search engine could be yours. As companies with a Google+ account can have information displayed on the right-hand side of search, this offers exceptional opportunities for your customers to access and see information about your company.  
The Google+ side bar displays what your Google+ page offers but in a smaller capacity. Giving a consumers a synopsis and background information of the company listed, the ability to click the follow button from the search page and a list of recent posts listed it is the perfect marketing tool for a company. ASOS have used this to their advantage creating the perfect gateway for potential customers to access their Google+, learn more about the company and have an easy way to click to follow.

Google have made it so simple for consumer-to-business/business-to-consumer interaction with this set-up which serves as a valuable vehicle to give insight into a company in an efficient and attainable way. 

4. More integrated with Google

Lets face it, Google have all of the biggest applications online. Gmail is the worlds largest email provider. Google Maps and YouTube are unrivaled. The list goes on. Chances are a business uses at least one of Google’s many devices. So why not use Google+ to harmonise them all?

This is a major selling factor for Google+ as it makes it an all-in-one destination for customers and businesses. Within your Google+ page, your location within Google maps will be displayed, providing remarkably easy access for a customer.   

Reviews for a business that have been written through Google can be placed on the business page.  This offers amazing insight for customers and shows that a business is well received and transparent.  

If a business posts a video onto YouTube, it is automatically shared onto Google+. No extra sharing steps, it is all combined. 

Companies such as Red Bull have fully integrated their marketing strategy with Google+ using all of the networks offerings to reach their target audience. They have used YouTube to post videos of extreme sports garnering massive attention. This is a way to cross promote your YouTube channel with your Google+ account gaining +1's and Likes for a business on both devices. This is clever use of what Google offer as Red Bull are using them in a way that is in line with the brands message while gathering publicity. 

This integration cannot be matched by other social networks. It is truly a means to optimise a corporate social media platform in a simple and practical way as everything is right in front of the user on one page.
Google+ is a social network that is growing. Given this growth and the benefits that it is offering a business user, it must not be pushed aside. Now seems like the time to jump on board. Will you and your business be joining Google+? Feel free to share the link to your Google Plus page in the comments below so we can take a look!


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