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eCommerce Marketing

20 Simply Designed Stores That Look Great & Get Customers Engaged

20 Simply Designed Stores That Look Great & Get Customers Engaged

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

7 years ago

20 Simply Designed Stores That Look Great & Get Customers Engaged

If you are aspiring eCommerce merchants just starting to develop the initial plans for your store or an established merchant trying to improve the look of your store, it can be inspiring to take a look at what other merchants stores look like.

We have collected a list of 20 eCommerce stores that have some of the best minimalist and attractive web designs online so that you can be inspired to make your store look better and sell more.

Mammoth & Co.
Mammoth and Co. are a hub for artist that want to sell their paintings. It’s clear their store has artistic background as it is designed with art in mind and every detail is beautifully constructed. When you arrive at the store you are instantly shown products and given an idea about that this brand is all about. There is also a filter function so that customers can land and easily find what they are looking for without having to do much searching. It’s clean, minimal and displays their art in an attractive way.

Brooklyn based store Leif sell a mixture of home wares, jewelry and other lifestyle bits and bobs. The store has become known for selling bright, fun and beautifully made products. To counteract this their website is minimalist in design. It consists of simple grey and white tones that looks fresh. It’s also well laid out with collections being easily accessible from the home page. It’s simple and make the products pop so customers take notice.

Fiercely Curious
Fiercely Curious are a duo that are helping bring local art to the masses. They give artists a space to share their work online. The online store has an uncluttered feel that lets the art shine. It’s well laid out and allows customers to browse conveniently based on whichever artist or medium they like. It’s creative yet restrained and looks great.

Leather Head
If your product has a vintage feel to it then you should embrace that and incorporate it into your store’s design and that’s exactly what Leather Head Sports have done. This leather goods store produces old school sports gear that look straight out of the 1940’s. They use stunning, simple images of their products on their pages and have lots of white space. It’s elegant and understated and their logo gives it that old timey feel.

Menswear brand Article have an attractive and unpretentious store design. They have eye-catching images on their home page and on product pages to lure customers in and get their attention. The pages are neat and clean in design. They also incorporate little nice features such as social media feeds and staff picks on their home page.

Craft Case
Craft Cases are an Irish store that makes handmade, crafted music accessories that are high quality and artfully made. The store has a simple layout that is easy to navigate and shows their products is their best light. It’s attractive, inviting and lures customers in and makes them curious about what’s on offer. Their different departments make it easy to find products and browse the store. It’s simple, clean and looks great. 

Wolf Circus
Wolf Circus is a jewelry store that is all about the visuals. The store has a home page that is filled with images of their products, social media feeds and look books that are showing off the brand at its best. It’s a minimalist design that puts its images first and looks stylish because of it. 

Sin Star
Sin Star Clothing are another store that have used the monochrome look. Their store however looks great as they present a stark contrast between simple text and layout mixed in with their gritty yet attractive photography. It lets their images speak and grabs customer’s attention.

Dowse Design is an online store that showcases emerging designers and their crafts. The store reflects their craft background. The store looks attractive and uses small dashes of colour. They also explain what they are all about on the home page saying “Design & gifts created by independent & emerging designers” to get customer immediately involved as well as products to give them a tastier of what they sell. 

Eat Boutique
Eat Boutique is heaven for any foodies out there. Their website makes their food look delicious with playful photography and lets them put their food on show. As you scroll down their home page their gift boxes are shown as well as their blog tempting customers to engage. Thought has also gone into the layout and how customers might search on their store. Tabs including makers, regions and gift boxes that may be of interest are all offered to make a shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Bicycle store VanMoof has a very simple lay out that is both beautiful and engaging. Their homepage is clear cut in design as they have clean images showing that show off their products and make the brand look attractive. One of the most interesting aspects is their presentation of products as they are shown across the top of the page which is expert design that allows customers to easily see whats on offer. It’s clever and and gets you engaged.

Roden Gray
Menswear brand Roden Gray have embraced a simple yet striking space to sell their clothes. Their site is white and grey and has a very masculine feel that suits the brand aesthetic seamlessly. As you scroll down the page collections and products enticing you to click. They know what their customer wants and this is portrayed in the clean tone of their site.
So Worth Loving
So Worth Loving is a store that sells apparel for both men and women. Their clothes are quite minimalistic and use mostly only black and white. Their website reflects their attire as it is clean and simple being mostly black and white. This leaves their product images as a centre focus and gives the website a fresh and streamline feel. 

The Ghostly Store
The Ghostly Store is an eCommerce store that has a gorgeously minimalistic design that matches their brand image perfectly. They sell music, art, clothing and other merchandise that is all quite minimalist and monochrome in its design. Their website design matches this to a tee as it is has a simple black and white motif. It’s a thoughtful and unifies brand image that gives customers a great indication of what this eCommerce store is all about. 

Candy Kirby Designs
Candy Kirby Designs is a store that specialises in baby apparel. They went against the grain and choose a minimist them for their stores web design. It’s simple with black and white being the main colours of focus. The store is simple and pleasing on the eye and has a nice, clean feel. 

Fashion store Esther have designed their website to make the most out of their pretty apparel. The design is delicate and soft and shows off their products while also giving relevant information about the brand that customers wish to know. They also provide easy navigate so finding whatever you wish on the site is straightforward.

JM & Sons
JM & Sons are a store that celebrates true craftsmanship. They produce handmade furniture that is beautifully designed and incorporate this into their web design with aplomb. When arriving at their store you are hit with a slideshow of their products and earthy images. It’s a sleek yet wholesome design that makes their products look irresistible.

Little Deer
Jewelry and clothing brand Little Deer have incorporated a design that lets their product speak. It’s clean and uncluttered and products are easy to find. The images are clear and look great against the white background and there is plenty of them that show off what they do best. 

Mod Notebooks
One of my favourite store layouts is Mod Notebooks. When you arrive at the store it looks stunning and they immediately try to answer questions that may arise from their product with a video and the simple statement “A paper notebook that syncs to the cloud”. The site also has one page that you scroll through which makes it seamless, modern and gives customers all the information they could want about their product in an easily accessible and sleek way.

Marc Wenn
Mark Wenn is a menswear brand that have a very simple store design that looks classic. It’s has simple white, black and grey tones that makes their images shine in contrast. They have unfussy and clean-cut navigation and everything is straight-forward and easy to find.
 It has removed clutter and it looks better for it. 


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