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eCommerce Marketing

10 Ways to Find New Post Ideas for your eCommerce Blog

10 Ways to Find New Post Ideas for your eCommerce Blog

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

10 Ways to Find New Post Ideas for your eCommerce Blog

Having a successful blog is all about relevant and consistent content that adds value for the people who read it and in turn, for your eCommerce store. However, it can be hard work. Publishing posts multiple times a week can leave you stumped for ideas.

Here at PropelAd we use few techniques that help us stay invigorated and creative when blogging. We have decided to share them with you so here are our 10 tips to avoid writers block and stay inspired when writing an eCommerce Blog

1. Previous Blog Posts 

Older blog posts can be an amazing source of inspiration. Often blog posts have to be concise and direct to keep the reader’s attention leaving some content on the cutting room floor. Although some information is discarded from one post doesn't mean it’s not valuable or relevant for your blog. So think back to what you didn't have time to elaborate on in previous posts and think could that be used in something new?

2. Look at other blogs

Now we don’t mean plagiarism, but other eCommerce blogs can be the source of finding great, new blog ideas. Reading what others have to say can help you learn and engage with popular topics leading you to write about a previously unknown area. Other blogs can also give you varying perspectives on eCommerce issues that will make you re-evaluate and think about topics. 

3. What’s trending?

Every once in a while a new hot topic will pop up in the eCommerce world that will capture everyone’s interest so why not write about it? Keeping an eye on trendy topics in eCommerce will ensure you always have something new to write about while also attracting readers who want to know all about the “hot” eCommerce news.

4. What are your customers asking?

If you receive certain questions and queries from customers continuously then why not put the answer on your blog? Answering questions in the form of blog posts is a great way to get content that you know your customers are interested in as they are asking about it. It can also help cut down on customers repeatedly asking the same questions as you can just direct them to your blog making it a perfect way to answer them. 

5. Go back to school

Academic journals, trade journals or just general concepts you learned are the perfect place to get relevant eCommerce information that is primed to be discussed. Explaining concepts in layman’s terms, updating a topic or just sharing what you have learned in college or through your working life all make valuable content that your customers will be interested in. 

6. Look to Social Media

Social media offers so many opportunities for inspiration. Customer interactions, marketing campaigns, interesting social media activity all could lead you to that next blog post idea. Use all different types of social media also as Pinterest and Facebook could both offer you very different yet thought-provoking content. 

7. Talk to other bloggers

Whether it is with bloggers you work with or people who write other blogs, it is very easy yet effective to reach out to fellow bloggers and see what ideas they have. Having a brainstorming session can produce abundant blog ideas and can be a surprisingly productive way to get you thinking about content for your blog. 

8. Talk to co-workers

Looking inwards to what your co-workers are doing can lead to discovering new post ideas. Ask what they are working on and for general insights into the industry as it could be stimulating information that your readers might gain value from. 

9. Future Projects

It’s rare in eCommerce that businesses are stagnant so why not talk about the future of your eCommerce store. Future launches, what your employees are planning and upcoming endeavours all make content that readers like to see as it keeps them informed about what to expect.  

10. Your popular posts

Let’s face some posts draw a bigger attraction than others so why not try and build something new out of your most popular posts. Putting a twist on previous posts that received the most likes, shares and comments can prove to be an potent technique to generate ideas while also catering to what you know your audience likes to read. 

Staying inspired and creating valuable content can be frustrating at times but these tips can help you to continue writing prized content for your eCommerce blog. 
Do you have any other tips to help find new blog post ideas? Leave them in the comments below. 


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