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24 eCommerce Store Designs that look Professional and Drive Sales

24 eCommerce Store Designs that look Professional and Drive Sales

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

24 eCommerce Store Designs that look Professional and Drive Sales

Is it time for a new lick of paint on your virtual storefront?
Having a user-friendly website is not enough to ensure success online anymore. Design is becoming more & more crucial to eCommerce websites these days as the so-called “beautification of the web” is upon us.

As an eCommerce store it is vital to adopt an interesting design, a clear product display and a great user experience in order to maximise your chances

I strongly believe that the design of your website can be just as valuable as the products you are selling. In this blog post we are going to take a look at some eCommerce stores that are doing a great job of this. Enjoy - be inspired - and share!

1. Forty Ninth Parallel

This warm chocolate-coffee colour makes you want to have a cup of coffee right now, doesn’t it? Forty Ninth Parallel does a great job providing peace and quiet to the customer. Clean header, visual pictures and desirable products makes the site nice and cosy. 

2. Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow seeks to debunk the myth that fine loose leaf tea is expensive and complicated to brew. Using clear call to actions in the central banners, Little Sparrow keeps a simple - but not plain - design and uses a clear heading menu to help create a comfortable shopping experience.

3. Faucet Face

“Have you ever noticed how everything tastes better in glass?”. Faucet Face couldn’t have chosen a better line. Individuality and uniqueness applies to both the product and website design. Fresh, transparent and intuitive design makes us want to buy their great glass bottles!

4. Informal Tea

This New Zealand based organic tea company uses a complete minimal design and astonishing photography to showcase their products. Well-structured navigation and clear call to actions make for a pleasant shopping experience. Love how all their images are transparent & look great on their wood background.

5. Quad Lock

This great phone mounting company promotes design simplicity and offers intuitive functionality for mobile phone devices and technology around us. Their mission easily applies their website design. Simple, clean and intuitive. They really use their blue & dark grey colour scheme well.

6. Playbutton

An mp3 player in a wearable button? Yes, this is Playbutton. This American brand uses a half-page rotating photographic banner and a clear navigation system. It keeps a modern and groundbreaking design that conveys perfectly with their brand positioning.

7. Studio Neat

Founded in 2010 by two long-time friends, Studio Neat are creators of ingenious electronics accessories. The company uses clean and attractive homepage photography with call to action buttons directly to the product pages and their online shop. This creates a sophisticated design and delivers a satisfying shopper experience.

8. Kinky Tease

"For kinksters by kinksters". These days it’s all about experience and so is Kinky Tease. Beautiful typography, motivating headings and high-quality images give the web what they really want to – a groundbreaking and fun design.

9. Factory 43

This Seattle-based brand hand-forges quality graphic goods and has a clever and interactive homepage design. They maintain a simple header menu focusing on Fresh – Shirts – Posters and Letterpress and together makes it for an eye-catching design.

10. Randr

A collective of artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers designing amazing tees. Keeping a super visual design, the website is straight-forward and the shopping experience is simply wonderful.

11.  Biko

Designed to maintain all of its artistic attention to detail, Biko keeps an astonishingly visual homepage together with a video showing what they sell and who they are, and the way they showcase their products really impressed me.

12.  Clark & Diversey

The Chicago-based brand keeps Shop Collections category navigation together with an exceptional user experience. The well-combined images of their products are impressive and they have been able to convey a natural image in their web design. 

13. Camila Prada

The American-based company has been able to transfer their stylish and comfortable brand positioning into a simple, user-friendly and visual design for their online store. Clear heading categories and a neat display of their products makes it particularly effective.

14. Elva Fields

Jewellery pieces designed for women by women. Elva Fields keeps artistic fonts and a simple and intuitive design of their online store. They showcase their fine handmade necklaces and earrings in an elegant fashion making the purchasing process as easy as possible. Well done!

15.  Kaviar

Kaviar Pearls is committed to elegance and this is reflected in their website design. The full-canvas photography on the homepage and the intuitive header menu keep the look of the website exactly how they want to: simple, smart and stylish.

16.   Hard Graft

The UK-based lifestyle and tech accessory company uses a complete minimal design and astonishing photography to showcase their products. Avoids using the search bar or any call to action buttons, and their super visual style impressed me.

17.   Litter

They know their jewellery creations may not be for everyone, but their web design should be. The head and body jewellery brand perfectly conveys their vintage style in a super visual pinterest-like store. They showcase their creations in stylish pictures and is completely adapted to their experimental and fun approach. A great example of design done well.

18.   Taylor Stitch

Committed to the natural, this Californian clothing brand brings a particular unique style to their photography and an intuitive & creative web design. The large collections really make it feel like being in a retail store.

19.  Twelve Saturdays

Stylish gameday clothing and accessories for the college football season never looked so good. With a cool modern style, products are clearly and nicely displayed and you’ll have an infinite scroll-worth of products to choose from.

20. Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine creates beautiful books to give the gift of creativity. The company uses a neat and clean homepage with their eye-catching banners and showcases wonderfully their books and accessories in a clear and usable design.

21.   Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village is a haven for foodies, cooks and collectors. They have been able to create a vintage image and used cookbooks to generate a unique shopping experience and an intuitive design.

22. Pop Chart Lab

Stunning infographics, prints and apparel. With a simple and creative design, Pop Chart Lab uses a visual style together with delightfully artistic pieces. It showcases their unique works of art in a simple - but visually powerful custom template.

23.   Visual Junkie

The Norway-based, designer-friendly clothing brand proves that originality, creativity and unique personality are the keys to their success. The clothing and accessories company showcases their aesthetically unmistakable pieces in a seductive way. The pure and authentic design of their website pleasantly surprised me.

24.   Chalkd

Last, but not least, is Chalkd. They sell unique, handmade blackboards from New Zealand. With a simple and creative design, Chalkd uses a minimal style together with visual pictures of their products, inspiring consumers with what they can do with their awesome blackboards.

Which is your favourite and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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