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Facebook Advertising

How Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting Can Skyrocket Your Store's Sales

How Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting Can Skyrocket Your Store's Sales

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

8 years ago

How Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting Can Skyrocket Your Store's Sales

So you’ve done it all to help recover those pesky abandoned carts. Sent the emails, added free shipping, made checking out as simple as possible but your customers are still dropping off. Well, maybe there is one strategy you have missed: Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting.

This feature is simple to implement and gives customers that extra nudge that lures them back to your store. Let us talk you through why and how Facebook abandoned cart retargeting is right for your store. 

Got abandoned carts? You’re not alone

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, abandon carts are a plague on the eCommerce world and everyone seems to have an issue with them. Almost 70% of carts that are filled are just left without customers finishing the checkout process. This is an enormous number as brands are losing out on thousands, if not millions of dollars when customers don’t go through with a sale.

Why do you have abandoned carts?

Abandoned carts happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes a customer just changes their mind or is only window shopping and hey, there is nothing you can do about that. Others though, just need time, time to think about their purchase and thankfully these are not a lost cause. 

The facts about customers who can be encouraged back are remarkable as 41% of customers abandon their carts simply because they aren’t ready to buy. While another 27% say it’s because they want to compare prices with other sites. 

These are not hopeless causes and using Facebook abandoned cart retargeting could be the perfect way to get customers returning and converting. 

How does Facebook abandoned cart retargeting work?

Abandoned cart retargeting on Facebook works by targeting customers who have reached your checkout page but for whatever reason failed to check out. To get them back and finish the checkout process, later they are shown an ad on Facebook that is aimed at reminding them about their cart and encouraging them to come back and finally check out. 

Abandoned cart retargeting can work amazingly well for merchants as it attracts customers back to your store. You can use this form of retargeting alone or even better you can use it in conjunction with a form of lead generation advertising on Facebook such as Expert Audiences or Custom Audiences. Doing this will build up brand awareness for your store and increase traffic. It will get customers viewing your products and hopefully loading up their carts. 

Inevitability in this group you will gain a significant number of customers who failed to convert and abandoned their carts and at this stage they will be shown the cart recovery ad, get them back and finishing the checkout process. It’s a clever cycle that works for so many merchants 

Add something to attract customers back

Having just a simple image of your store to attract customers back may work sometimes but often customers want something extra for coming back and finishing the checkout process. This is where you can tailor your ad to customers who have abandoned their cart. 

Placing incentives into ads can be a great way to get customers clicking through and buying. Design your ads to have these extra draws by placing 10% off offers if they come back and finish their purchase or offering free shipping. It’s the perfect little push customers need to click on your ads and convert. 

Think about your abandoned cart strategy

If eCommerce merchants concentrate on the amount of abandoned carts they have had it can be an overwhelming number. However, what you should be focusing on is the percentage of customers they could potentially be getting back. 

Abandoned cart retargeting could work wonders for the growth of your store as we’ve seen ads with an impressively high rate of conversion, some even having up to 80% of clicks leading to a sale, making them one of the most valuable advertising strategies on the platform.  

To introduce yourself to cart recovery retargeting on Facebook, we suggest you set up an abandoned cart recovery ad today and monitor it for a week. Look at how it performs for your sales and hopefully you will experience growth and get customers back to your store. 


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