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eCommerce Case Studies

How Speaker Brand Fugoo’s Marketing Proved Their Product Was Kick-Ass

How Speaker Brand Fugoo’s Marketing Proved Their Product Was Kick-Ass

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

7 years ago

How Speaker Brand Fugoo’s Marketing Proved Their Product Was Kick-Ass

Building a product that is the best on the market is what every entrepreneur aspires for. Once you’ve built it you may then ask “how do I get the word out to customers that my product is awesome?” Well you have to show them!

Fugoo, an online speaker store built on Shopify, created a product better than the rest and decided to go the extra mile to show how superior their product actually is. In this eCommerce case study, we are talking about how Fugoo exploded into the market by showing just how kick-ass their product is!

Who Are Fugoo?

Fugoo are a brand that has a history in tech and this experience has gained them have a bit of knowledge about what customers want. They set out to use this experience to build speakers that would satisfy what customers really yearned for, speakers that delivered on both style and performance. The brands state: “The Fugoo Bluetooth wireless speakers bring together numerous leading features that make it easily fit into the most active of lifestyles.”

Knowing tech so well they built speakers that were the best in every aspect and one that their customers could use in their day to day lives or when they are doing extreme adventure. It’s a product that caters to all aspects of life:

“The line combines the highest levels of audio fidelity, durability, portability, and personalized style, so music lovers can enjoy it anywhere they go – mountain bike riding, snowboarding, by the pool, a dusty job site, or a rainy campground.”

Fugoo has since gone from strength to strength as the brand has grown and customers respond glowingly to their product. They know that they have built the best speakers out there and with a mix of great product and great marketing, they have grown an awesome brand. 

Utilizing Their Website

Fugoo know their speakers are good and they use that as their strongest marketing strategy. On their website they lay claim that their speakers are number one and let customers know this. They give amazingly in-depth descriptions of their speakers on their product pages to show customers they know their stuff. Every detail is discussed such as the sound quality, durability and the technology that goes into making their speakers. It really helps to convince customers that these are well made speakers and the brand knows what they are talking about. 

Fugoo also embrace reviews from industry experts and customers as a sell point for their speakers as they recognize that potential customers want reassurance that they are buying top quality.

On product pages they have glowing reviews from customers singing the praises of their speakers and letting other customers know that these speakers really are all they claim. Reviews from industry experts are giving their own page on the brand's website where customers can learn how well received Fugoo’s speakers are. Video reviews, rewards they have received and press write-ups all are clearly shown and used to boast about how this product really is regarded as the markets best. 


Brand Ambassadors

Who better to showcase your products than people who live the life of your customers? Fugoo have done this by using brand ambassadors to show that their product fits the life of an adventurer. They have three ambassadors that the brand says “embody a lifestyle of adventure, passion, wonder and playfulness" and use them to market their speakers for active people. 

From rock climbers to fly fishers/snowboarders to adventure photographers, Fugoo profile each one of their ambassador's talking about their careers, favourite music as well as showing their Instagram feed. They outline their ambassadors world to show that these are people who use their products and live the lifestyle of a Fugoo customer. It's a clever way to engage with customers and sell the lifestyle of the brand. 

Show! Don’t Tell.

Fugoo may talk up their products and their reviews may be singing the brand's praises but sometimes it’s best to show instead of tell customers that what you claim to be true. To do this Fugoo have made several product videos about how indestructible their speakers are. Their videos fun, short and informative as they truly display that these speakers really are as awesome as they claim. 

This video below shows how their Go Anywhere Speaker was built for extreme adventure. With a speaker in hand, one action junkie plummets into ocean, proving its durability and waterproof claim. It’s a simple, effective and engaging way to draw customers in and show that these speakers aren’t all talk. They actually work!

What you can learn from Fugoo

Fugoo proved to be successful because they were confident that their product was the best and used this to their advantage. Aspiring entrepreneurs should learn from this and try to show customers why they believe their store and products are worthy of their attention.

We suggest taking cues from Fugoo and embracing customer and industry reviews to show how loved your products are. Place them all over your site so potential customers are drawn in and know that they are buying something that they will love.

Fugoo are such an interesting store as they prove that boasting about their product gets customers attention so learn a lesson from them and show off how kick-ass your store is too!


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