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eCommerce Case Studies

eCommerce Case Study: How to Grow a Kids Store Like Lolli Bean's

eCommerce Case Study: How to Grow a Kids Store Like Lolli Bean's

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

10 years ago

eCommerce Case Study: How to Grow a Kids Store Like Lolli Bean's

Having a vision and a set of ideals for your eCommerce store and then putting that vision into fruition can be very difficult. Sticking to what you wanted your store to be while also trying to make it appealing to customers can be a struggle as they may not be attracted to what you want your store to be.

One brand that has stuck to its beliefs while also attracting customers is the children’s store Lolli Bean's. This boutique brand has set itself out to be one with morals, while also providing aesthetically pleasing products that draw customers in. By mixing together both looks and an ideology, Lolli Bean's has built up an amazing following that keeps growing making it a fascinating eCommerce case study. 

Who are Lolli Bean's?

Lolli Bean's is a store that focuses on having both style and substance. It was established in Cincinnati by entrepreneur Sarah Bollman who had the vision to create a store dedicated to helping parents find something different from the norm. The brands has an eclectic collection of items aimed at parents including furniture, décor and bedding all with a modern Scandinavian feel. 

Its unique selling point comes from the fact that they are a brand that offers high quality products that are also environmentally friendly. They are dedicated to this cause as they go above and beyond to source fair trade and artisan products that are consistent with the brands message. The brand states:

We are committed to helping parents create a healthy, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and organic environment for their children: in the nursery and in life.” 

With this goal in mind, they provide a number of beautifully crafted items that are eco-friendly and high quality so that “inspire a better quality of life for children around the world”.

Lolli Bean's has gone from strength to strength since its formation and now carries close to 30 different brands each selling products that fit with the companies beliefs.

Presenting a Lifestyle 

Lolli Bean's do an exceptional job at getting their customers lusting after their products. They expertly have made their website attractive to customers and added in images that are appealing and make parents dream of the lifestyle the brand shows. 

Throughout their website product images are beautifully laid out with products shown to be in use within impeccably designed spaces. Images are also shown in use with children playing in beautifully shot photos that make customers dream of having this beautifully designed space for their kids.

They carry this imagined lifestyle onto Pinterest also where they have created numerous boards that are dedicated to showing parents how to make their children’s space look chic yet childlike. Boards such as “Organic Nursery”, “Yellow & Greys” and “Big Kids Rooms” all make the brands products look irresistible to any parent wanting to decorate their children’s rooms. Lolli Bean's are experts at not just selling their products but also a lifestyle. 

Connect with Fans

Like so many other eCommerce stores, Lolli Bean's have embraced social media to interact with their fans. They currently use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to connect with their customers and form lasting relationships.

Within their social media they try to use content that will connect with their audience of parents with young children. They tailor their social media towards this demographic by posting advice, details about their products and fun content that customers can bond over and interaction with.

The brand are particularly fond of memes that shine light on what it’s really like as a parent. These are usually funny little images that give insight into the life of a parent and the struggles, experiences and general day to day familiarities that families and parents go through.

Lolli Bean's use these as fun and interesting ways to connect with their audience. It also serves as a place parents can visit to learn and bond with other parents through mutual experiences. It’s a valuable aspect that draws in potential customers to the brand. 


Lolli Bean's as a brand prides itself on being high quality mixed with being environmentally friendly. This combination can be seen as expensive one that many customers see as unattainable for their parental needs. However, Lolli Bean's are a brand that make their products more achievable for their customers as they provide numerous opportunities to use promotions. 

Lolli Bean's do this by placing promotions on their social media and on their website.  In fact they have a whole page on their website that is dedicated to promotions. They have special offers which they regularly change that includes deals such as “Earn a Free Visa Gift Card with purchases over $200” and “Gift Cards are worth 10% of your Final Purchase Price”. They also currently offer summer deals with a coupon code being offered throughout the season. They also strongly encourage that fans sign up to their newsletter which regularly offers discounts such as getting 10% when customers initially sign-up making it a tantalizing offer for customers. 

These promotions and offers make the brand more attainable for parents who want both quality and eco-friendly products as Lolli Bean's state: "We offer multiple options for savings so you that can choose the best deal for your family!"

Lolli Bean's are a kid’s brand that have a brand message that so many parents are drawn to and the brand makes it attainable for its customers to get. They provide a vast array of products that are gorgeously presented making every parent want them. Lolli Bean's aim is to get their audience to ask “Why not buy ethically produced products?” and if we look at their growth, they are certainly succeeding.


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