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eCommerce Case Studies

eCommerce Case Study: A Lesson in Visual Marketing from Isaora

eCommerce Case Study: A Lesson in Visual Marketing from Isaora

by John Larkin

John runs the blog here at eCommerceLift and is a verified Shopify Expert. Interested in an initial growth consultation? Click here

9 years ago

eCommerce Case Study: A Lesson in Visual Marketing from Isaora

Discovering a marketing plan that fits with your brand can be an experimental and tedious process. As there are numerous platforms, channels and practices that can be implemented that could potentially lead to growth of your eCommerce store.

One company that has invested heavily in the perfect form of digital marketing is the men’s clothing brand Isaora. They produce strong, effective campaigns that all are centrally focuses on visual marketing. With images, video and blogs, Isaora have visual marketing down to a tee.
Isaora started in 2008 by two designers Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels. Their studio is situated in New York where they design fashionable apparel for men. There products range from a boardshorts to sweatpants to rain jackets that they launch in bi-annual collections. They began a traditional brick and mortar setting but flouted it to become an ever expanding eCommerce store.

What makes this store an exception within the fashion world is its dedication to quality, utility and creativity.  The brand has a strong focus on style and design but also has a high regard for performance and durability. The brand states: “Utilizing advanced material technology and state of the art construction we work tirelessly to seamlessly marry the functional benefits of high performance technical apparel with a progressive, forward aesthetic.”
Isaora have placed themselves in an innovative and idiosyncratic position where they know that their target wants style but also substance in what they are wearing. They know their target audience well as they clearly define: 
We live in the city, our lives are busy and fast paced, we ride the subway, we ride our bikes, we travel, we run, we shred, we surf, we go out, we stay out too late, we get up early to do it all again, we go off the grid, we’re awed by nature and inspired by adventure, we love good design, we care about how we look and believe when we look good we feel good. We expect the clothes we wear to work for us - reflecting our busy, fast paced, active lifestyle.”
With this assurance of their target market and pioneering, inventive apparel Isaora have established a brand that is self-assured and different from the norm. 


With this strong emphasis on visual marketing, it’s no surprise that Isaora images are faultless. The company have thoughtfully chosen images that are reflective of the brand and its dedication to both style and utility. The brand has a very deliberate look when it comes to the images on their website but this also continues onto their social media with Instagram.

Lots of Images

Isaora have a selected to embrace masculine cool tones for their clothing and this has carried into their photography. Each image on both their website and social media has a cool, minimal number of hues that reflect the brands clothing and aesthetic.

Colours are used very selectively with only a couple of shades being incorporated with mainly grey, black and navy being the colours of choice. This limited palette gives a unique feeling to the images that makes the brand look like sleek yet masculine while also portraying a strong image of function and utility.

Art, Athleticism and Industry

Within the brands Instagram feed the colours remain the same with the use of dark neutrals. This colours are entwined with images that reflect the lifestyle that the brand portrays and what their customers are looking for.

Photos within their Instagram are athletic as well as artistic and industrial in tone. They display people undergoing taxing physical feats from running to boxing to skydiving which expertly shows the attractiveness yet practicality of the brands apparel.

Adding to Isaora Instagram milieu is their use of art, landscapes and industrial buildings. Each image is strong and contains the familiar muted yet dark tones of the company and give an excellent impression the of brands mixture of performance and stylishness. 


Continuing on with Isaora’s use of visual marketing the brand have also incorporated videos that display the brands apparel and well as develop a brand image. Videos are hosted on a number of channels including YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram. The colouring of their images is also continued on to their videos with an emphasis being place on greys and muted colours that reflect the brand.

Product Videos

Isaora produce product videos that are very indicative of the brand and its overall feel. For a new, highly anticipated collection consisting of rainwear a video was released that showed off the collection while also staying true the brands main aim of durable yet fashionable items.

The video expertly incorporates both goals as it presents the style and design of their collection while also including the durability and functionality of their clothes. It’s simple, stylish but immensely effective at portraying the brands image. 

Lifestyle Videos

In addition to their product videos, the brand also incorporate lifestyle into their videos. The brands founders and employees went on a road trip across the west coast of the U.S. and filmed their adventures. These videos produced a portrait of the lifestyle the brand is all about including art and sport while also show casing their merchandise in use. 


Isaora have embraced social media in their visual marketing campaigns with aplomb but they have also stepped outside of the realm of social media marketing online. They have done this by using brand ambassadors.

The ambassadors consist of 5 men who reflect the brand and its spirit. Each ambassador is an advocate of the brand but also encapsulates many aspects of the brand such as stylish, athletic and creative. Included on the company’s website is an interview with each ambassador discussing what makes them creative, what they do for a living and their inspirations. It provides an insight into the lives of the people who support the brand.

These ambassadors give an added edge to Isaora's visual marketing as customers and fans see the brand in action and the people who live to wear their clothes as well as providing an artistic twist to their marketing. 

Isaora are not unlike other eCommerce stores as they use social media and attempt to connect with their customers. However, they have set themselves apart by having an innovative company that uses visual marketing to successfully bring to life their merchandise and their focus on high performance mixed with fashion.


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